Trail topography can be a strange combination of nature and newness. This photo is a rotated pic of a footbridge crossing the Skipanon River. The bridge’s laser-precise wooden planks and glossy machinist bolts contrasts what lies outside the frame. Lush, wild, rain forest. Only the sun’s shadows give clue to a nature that lies beyond.


3 Replies to “A Symmetrical”

  1. OK, now you’ve done it ! Brilliant… Only you and your creative eye could have seen the beauty, the mystery, the power and motion there. Looking at simple things from a different perspective. By turning the camera , you’ve opened many eyes….! Art and instruction all bound up in a board walk.
    To say I’m proud of you, is truly a gross understatement.. Bravo


  2. I like the contrast between the lines of the shadows and the grain in the wood, as well as in the textures. I love the idea of rotating a photo to create a whole new image, the creativity, and expnasiveness I see in this.

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